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Introduction of copper clad aluminum row
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I am using the coating method of professional all-inclusive production of composite materials - copper clad aluminum row. With a row of light than pure copper, with the specifications of the flat row weighs only about 40% pure copper. Metal processing is good, easy to bend, there is less than the copper rebound characteristics, easy drilling, cutting and punching, can be processed into a variety of shaped busbar, physical properties and stability, to reduce costs for the replacement of copper row of the new material.

Copper clad aluminum row

Copper clad aluminum is a row of aluminum-matrix, the outer coating of copper. Aluminum and brass, out of aluminum and copper to remove the oxide film inside, pressed into the aluminum brass, the stretching or rolling between the solid brass and aluminum combination, pull into the required dimensions , so that between them form a metallurgical bond between atoms of a permanent bi-metal, the surface bright, round, free of defects. It is the stability of the conductive properties of copper and aluminum high-quality low-cost energy, a lower contact resistance, combined with one of the new conductor material. Can fully replace the copper row, the proportion of copper, accounting for 40% of the proportion accounted for 60% of aluminum, the case is the same size 2.5 times the long row of copper, carrying capacity is 85% pure copper row, choose a slightly larger size fully achieve the same carrying capacity, in line with customer needs in diameter and mechanical and electrical properties of technical requirements.

Length: 2 ~ 6m

Density: 3 g/cm3 ~ 4 g/cm3 between

Tensile strength: 100MPA

Elongation: 10%

Second, the copper clad aluminum row of advantages:

1, good electrical conductivity: the volume ratio of 15% copper and aluminum copper clad aluminum row of electrical properties, and copper compared to the AC load flow is 85% pure copper.

2, light weight: only the density of copper clad aluminum copper row row 37% -40%, the length of the same weight (volume) is a copper row 2.5-2.7 times.

3, good mechanical properties: tensile strength with good, flexible and elongation.

4, solid copper and aluminum combination between: between two different metals in a variety of ambient temperature to achieve a permanent binding between crystal atoms, and copper layer (tin, zinc layer) distribution, there is no physical defects.

5, good scalability and reliability: Through a special heat treatment process, has a certain plasticity, is conducive to punching, shearing, bending the product does not crack, does not. In order to improve corrosion resistance, surface layer in tinned copper, zinc processing.

6, the best selectivity: save copper, greatly reducing the cost of production facilities, environmental protection, no pollution.

Note: The process according to the user a variety of width and thickness of the copper clad aluminum row.

Copper clad aluminum row, can be specifically used to replace copper, aluminum row. Is widely used. Automation, metallurgy, high and low voltage electrical appliances, construction industry and metallurgical industry. The product uses advanced dual metal composite material technology, stable quality and reliable performance is a high-tech energy-saving products.

Third, the application areas:


Control cabinet


Insurance Switch

Vacuum switch

Relay system

Motor Control Center

Rail power supply system

Correction coil electrode

Reactors and other winding

Railway Traction Equipment

High voltage power distribution cabinet

Generators and substations

Of copper and aluminum transition joints

High and low points with conductive cabinet row

High and low voltage bus, bus, touch slide wire

Four: Customer Reference:

Bending operation

1, the bending should be slow when afterburner, not violently.

2, the bending mold must be smooth, without edges and corners.

3, to be drilled, the drilling should be carried out after bending.

Cutting operation

1, the cutting speed of not less than 90 m / min.

2, suggested the use of aluminum alloy sheet cutting blade.

3, if the mold (punch) cut, recommended Cr12 materials.

Punching operation

1, the drilling speed: 50 m / min

2, the drilling angle: 135 ° -140 °

3, drill the middle of rotation Lift Angle: 45 °

4, lubrication and cooling: liquor

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