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Our factory field explosion welding field construction drawings
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  Explosion welding is for energy resources to metal explosives between welding method. This kind of welding is the use of explosive detonation, make be welding metal surface high-speed collision happened tilt, in the contact surface caused by a thin layer of metal plastic deformation, in this very short metallurgy process metallurgical combination form.

The explosion welding phenomenon in which people with target the crash had observed. But the earliest recorded in the literature of the us is Carl. In 1957, the United States at the fee list the Czech succeeded in the aluminum and steel explosion welding. 50 s, foreign start the system research. After 60 s, the us, the UK, Japan and other countries have started the commercial production of the explosion welding products. Our country is 60 s and early 70 s began to test and production. In recent years, the explosion welding already gradually applied some economic lake-off department.

The characteristics of the explosion welding is:

1, can the same, especially any different metal material quickly and solid welding up.

2, the process is simple, easy to master.

3, don't need factory building, don't need large equipment and a large number of efficient investment.

4, can not only for spot welding and welding line, and surface welding-explosion compound, which can get the area of the composite panels, complex pipe and complex pipe stick.

5, energy for low speed mix of welding explosives, they are cheap, and are easy, safe and easy to use.


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